Uniclass 2015 Classification tables in CSV format

Uniclass 2015 is a unified classification for the construction industry published by NBS in Excel format. Uniclass 2015 has been structured to be in accordance with ISO 12006-2:2015 Building construction – Organization of information about construction works – Part 2: Framework for classification.

Uniclass 2015 is divided into a set of tables which can be used to categorize information for costing, briefing, CAD layering, etc. as well as when preparing specifications or other production documents. These tables are also suitable for buildings and other assets in use, and maintaining asset management and facilities management information.

Buildig provides Uniclass 2015 classification tables in CSV format packaged as a tagged releases. We have also created a combined Uniclass 2015 file.


Last created from the 2019-07 dataset.

Table name Description Filename Version, Date
Co - Complexes The overall project such as a university campus or rail network. Uniclass2015_Co.csv v1.8, Published July 2019
En - Entities Entities are discrete things like buildings, bridges, tunnels etc. Uniclass2015_En.csv v1.13, Published July 2019
Ac - Activities This defines the activities to be carried out in the complex, entity or space. Uniclass2015_Ac.csv v1.10, Published July 2019
SL - Spaces/ locations In buildings, spaces are provided for various activities to take place. Also classed as spaces are transport corridors that run between two locations. Uniclass2015_SL.csv v1.13, Published July 2019
EF - Elements/ functions Elements are the main components of a structure like a bridge (foundations, piers, deck) or a building (floors, walls and roofs). Uniclass2015_EF.csv v1.6, Published July 2019
Ss - Systems Systems are the collection of components that go together to make an element or to carry out a function (such as the components of a roof). Uniclass2015_Ss.csv v1.15, Published July 2019
Pr - Products The products are used to construct a system. Uniclass2015_Pr.csv v1.15, Published July 2019
TE - Tools and Equipment   Uniclass2015_TE.csv v1.6, Published July 2019
PM - Project Management   Uniclass2015_PM.csv v1.5, Published July 2019
Zz - CAD   Uniclass2015_Zz.csv v1.0, Published July 2015
FI - Form of Information   Uniclass2015_FI.csv v1.1, Published July 2019
Ro - Roles   Uniclass2015_Ro.csv v1.1, Published July 2019
Table names Uniclass 2015 table names, generated by Buildig. Uniclass2015_Tables.csv July 2017
Combined table Uniclass 2015 combined table, generated by Buildig. Uniclass2015.csv October 2017

Codes within the classification system consists of four or five pairs of characters.

How to use convert.sh

To download Uniclass 2015 Excel files from NBS and convert to CSV format:

  1. Update Uniclass nbsurl & file version numbers to the latest
  2. Run this script (requires in2csv):
php -r "readfile('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/buildig/uniclass-2015/master/convert.sh');" > convert.sh
chmod +x convert.sh

License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Source: https://github.com/buildig/uniclass-2015